The Dos and Don’ts of your Home Loan Process

If you have questions or concerns at any time, please contact us right away. We’re here to help guide you through this ever-changing process and make your home loan a smooth and exciting experience.


  • DO contact your AZ Home Loans Loan Officer to get pre-qualified. Getting pre-qualified helps you and your realtor know exactly what price range to look in while shopping for your new home, saving you both time and stress. Plus you’ll get a pretty good idea of what down payment and loan options are available as well as your monthly payment. KNOW BEFORE YOU GO! We can’t say this enough. It’s the easiest and least stressful way to buy a home.
  • DO gather your last 2 year’s residence and employment information for your AZ Home Loans Loan Officer. They’ll be able to determine what paperwork, if any, is needed to get you qualified. Typically, most underwriters are going to require the following if applicable to your situation, so it’s a good idea to have this paperwork readily available just in case. Copies or scans are ok!
    • 30 days most recent pay stubs.
    • 2 months most recent bank statements. Be sure to include all pages, even the blanks, we know it sounds crazy but all numbered pages of a statement are required. Be sure you’re sending us the account that you’re going to be using for your down payment, as well as any other accounts that you may have used to transfer money into the main account in the last 60 days. Large deposits may require receipts or to be sourced.
    • 2 years most recent tax returns, an extension for the current year is acceptable, just provide the 2 prior years.
    • 2 years most recent W2s and/or 1099s.
    • Clear copy of your driver’s license for all loan applicants.
    • Mortgage statement, property tax statement, Home Insurance, and HOA statement for any/all properties owned.
    • Divorce decree with all agreements and schedules, if applicable.
    • DD214 for Veteran or Military borrowers.


The DON’T List

  • DO NOT apply for any new loans or credit!
  • DO NOT miss any payments on any debts or loans. Continue to pay them all as agreed.
  • DO NOT change jobs or quit your job without notifying your AZ Home Loans Loan Officer first.
  • DO NOT charge up or max out your current credit cards, keep the balances where they are and pay them on time.
  • DO NOT make any large deposits that you can’t document or provide a receipt for, especially CASH deposits, those are usually not allowed with underwriting.
  • DO NOT transfer any debt or pay off major debts without talking to your AZ Home Loans Loan Officer first.

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