Our Process

Check out our 3 STEP PROCESS TO OWN A HOME and why we are the best in the business.


Step 1 – we give our clients a priority 2 HOUR pre-qual.

  • We collect your documents up front before you start shopping for a home, this way you know exactly what you can afford before looking for homes, which saves you time, money, and stress.
  • This means we pre-underwrite your file before it gets submitted to the underwriter for review. We’ll catch any red flags or issues that may cause an underwriter to decline your loan because underwriters don’t solve problems, they simply review what is in front of them and make a decision. We figure out solutions before that happens, this means not only is your loan ready to close even faster, but you can be assured that you have a QUALITY, THOROUGH pre-qual as well that will sail smoothly through the process.
  • Also, we shop multiple banks for the best rates and terms, to ensure you get the best loan for your specific situation.
  • Doing the underwriting up front allows us to review the file for any discrepancies before an underwriter sees it, saving them time and you headache.
  • With no loan fees and this up front, blazing fast approval, you’ll have the ULTIMATE edge in this ultra competitive real estate market, and allow you to offer with confidence to any seller.


Step 2 – Find a home.

  • Once you find a home and make an offer, you can rest easy knowing that we’ve already approved your loan, so your home loan will process smoothly and quickly.
  • We average 21 days from accepted offer to closing and getting your keys, which is half the time of the industry average of 43 days to close.
  • This fast closing process and no loan fees helps you submit a stronger offer since you won’t have to ask your seller for a bunch of money to help you close your loan.
  • This makes for happy sellers which gets your offer accepted and gives you the ultimate edge in this crazy market.


Step 3 – Close your loan.

  • Once we have an accepted contract on your home, we submit your loan for underwriting and order the appraisal.
  • Because we already have your loan pre-underwritten, we can order the appraisal up front and save you time on the process.
  • By the time the appraisal is completed, we’ll have the underwriters approval and your conditions cleared up and ready for final steps in the approval process.
  • Since we work so closely with all of our underwriters and closers, all of our loans are ready to fund the same day as your signing, meaning you get the keys to your new home within hours of signing your closing documents.

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