How can we afford to do NO FEE Loans?

  • We’re a privately-owned, no-debt lender with much less overhead than a typical bank.
  • Because we’re privately owned, WE control our pricing, NOT the Investors.
  • Our loan margins are significantly lower, which means lower rates for you also.
  • We are very efficient and average 21 days on loan closings, which means less work for us and more savings for you.
  • All of our processing fees, credit reporting, and other loan fees are paid by the company, not the consumer.
  • We never, ever, roll our costs into your loan, what you see is what you get: NO Lender Fees, EVER.
  • We’re a top-tier Mortgage Broker with the top wholesale lenders in the United States, giving us access to premier pricing.
  • Locally owned by AZ natives, we want to give back to our community as much as they’ve given to us.

Experience NO LENDER FEES for yourself!

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